Preeti Gaonkar

Project Manager

Days 3 and 4

Preeti GAONKAR, an Indian national, joined ASEF in August 2017 as the Project Manager in the Culture Department. She is responsible for the ASEF Cultural Policy Dialogue Series, a key project at ASEF’s Culture Department through which ASEF aims to stimulate analysis and exchange of ideas on issues of mutual interest for practitioners and policymakers in Asia and Europe. The diverse range of activities under this project include policy panels and public forums at ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meetings (ASEM CMMs) and international platforms such as the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC), World Summit on Arts and Culture and the UCLG Culture Summits; publications targeting cultural policy issues of common relevance to both regions; and, support to research on arts and culture in ASEM countries through the WorldCP-International Database on Cultural Policies initiative. Previously, she worked with ASEF in the Culture Department from 2013-2015. Whilst she was back in India, she founded The Mumbai Assembly, an independent cultural agency focused on creating new platforms for collaboration and showcasing in the space of creative and cultural industries. She received her Master’s degree in Management Studies and her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Mumbai.