Antonio Ariño

Valencia’s University

Day 1

Vice-rector of Culture and Equality of the University of Valencia. Born to Allepuz (Teruel). Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Degree in Geography and History and Doctor in Sociology from the Universitat de València. His research focuses on the field of Sociology of Culture, Welfare Policies and Sociological Theory. He received the National Research Award for “The ritual city” (Anthropos). He is currently Director of the Observatory on the Participation and Living Conditions of University Students (ECoViPEU). He has recognized four six-year research. In terms of his teaching activity, he has taught the subjects of General Sociology, Sociological Theory, and Sociology of Culture. He has also taught classes in the Master in Cultural Management and the Master in Health Care to the Unit. It has recognized five-year teaching periods. He was Director of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology (1997-2003), Vice-Rector of Studies and Academic Organization (2003-1998), Vice-Rector for European Convergence and Quality (2006-2010), Vice-Rector of Planning and Equality (2010-2012) and Vice-rector of Culture and Equality (2012-2014). He was also Vice President of the Spanish Federation of Sociology. Since the last elections in November at the University, it is, once again, a member of the Senate.