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Informe del primer foro de política de Designscapes

Informe del primer foro de política de Designscapes
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Across nearly every front, the global agenda is being redefined: the challenges of climate change, new commercial and technological paradigms, the crisis of the conventional democratic model, the slowing of economic growth, new challenges of robotization, the precarisation and digitalization of industry, the new meaning of welfare, it calls for drawing new scenarios. Confronting all these problems with a minimum of success requires a secure Europe, based on its enlightened values and defence of freedom of citizenship in a context of prosperity and solidarity and that must play a leading role in global governance. In the words of the European President, Ursula von der Leyen, “the world needs more Europe”.

In this context, we must efficiently use all the resources at our disposal. Design can be an engine of change. Design-enabled innovation creates user-centred solutions to global warming, environmental degradation, economic stagnation, digitalised society, and the crisis of values, as well as other global and European challenges. And design approaches these challenges in a neutral manner, solving problems not only by people but also for their needs.

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