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Culture, Creativity and Economic Progress

Culture, Creativity and Economic Progress
Tipo: Capítulo de libro
Book: Culture, Innovation and the Economy
Editor: Routledge
ISSN: 9781315436418
Palabras clave: Economía de la Cultura, Innovación, Creatividad, Cultura y Desarrollo

Edited by Biljana Mickov, James E Doyle

This is a handbook for the cultural entrepreneur, offering some of the best examples on practice, franchises, research, innovation and business opportunities in the cultural sector. The key theme is the contribution and possibilities of the cultural economy as a business, with a strong supporting subtext on innovative practice.

The book illustrates the theme by providing multiple practice based and empirical examples from an international panel of experts. Each contribution provides an accessible and easily accessed bank of knowledge on which existing practice can be grown and new projects undertaken . It provides an eclectic mix of possibilities that reinforce and underscore the full innovative and complex potential of the cultural economy. Topics include a review of the global and regional economic benefits of the culture economy, evidence-based analysis of the culture industries, and an outline of the top ten cultural opportunities for business. This collection transcends the space between theory and practice to combine culture and innovation, and understand their importance to a wider economy.

This is essential reading for researchers and practitioners interested in entrepreneurship, non-profit management, art and visual culture, and public finance.

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