Econcult: Área de Investigación en Economía de la Cultura y Turismo

Conferencia Pau Rausell en Ljubjliana. Culture, creativity, innovation and economy: the Challenges to face for a “post crisis” Europe

13 octubre, 2015 - 9:30 pm


Pau Rausell participa como profesor invitado en el curso

European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2015/2016 e impartirá una conferencia en el reputado centro «Poligon«

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management is a pan-European training programme arising from the will to foster cultural diversity as well as transregional and transnational cultural exchanges.

The residential sessions

Two sessions of a 9 days take place in two different countries each year. The next training session, will be organised in Poland (Gdansk) in May 2015 (16-25 May 2015), and in Slovenia in October 2015 (10-19 October 2015). The themes, which will be discussed, are: Europe and culture; project management, cultural cooperation, operational management of cultural projects, fund raising etc.

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