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A holistic look at the impacts of intervention on cultural heritage. The case of the Light of Images

A holistic look at the impacts of intervention on cultural heritage. The case of the Light of Images
Type: Book
Libro: Tesis Doctoral
Publisher: Universitat Politécnica
Keywords: patrimonio cultural, desarrollo económico, Fundación Luz de las Imágenes

This research addresses the study of the impacts that intervention in cultural heritage can have to improve the quality of life of citizens applied to the case of the Light of Images Foundation, at a time when the European Union has considered cultural heritage as a strategic tool as a means to achieve a sustainable future for Europe. As a theoretical framework, we have used a holistic vision of the different areas in which the use of heritage can modify the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of populations and rural areas as a result of the preservation of their assets, establishing the relationships that can occur between each of them and verifying how the effects generated in the economic, cultural, social and environmental spheres are closely related. All this deepening the knowledge of the Foundation La Luz de las Imágenes, of which all its actions and management models have been investigated during its fifteen years of operation to see if the work done has had effects on the recovery of the cultural heritage of the Valencians, as well as on social and economic development and the improvement of social cohesion through the generation of a sense of belonging to a historical territory and its signs of identity.
Given the holistic approach developed, references from different disciplines have been used to visualize the global benefits that can be generated by the intervention in cultural heritage through the projects carried out in the Valencian Community by La Luz de las Imágenes.
The first part of the paper develops both the methodology and the theoretical framework with which we have worked and then makes a detailed study of the actions, policies and decisions adopted by the Foundation through the research of its documents, the statements of its protagonists and the results of surveys of visitors to the exhibitions held.
Empirical evidence has shown that the work of the Light of Images Foundation has had positive consequences not only in the conservation of cultural heritage, but also in the attractiveness of the towns in which it has been active, in the creation of images, symbols and in the sense of identity. In the creation of employment and businesses related to culture, tourism and crafts, in the approach of different types of public to history through heritage and its knowledge, and has favored the participation of citizens in their heritage, reinforcing a sense of pride, belonging and cohesion. sense of pride, belonging and social cohesion.

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