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The satisfaction of the urban tourist: an exploratory analysis based on the case of Valencia

The satisfaction of the urban tourist: an exploratory analysis based on the case of Valencia
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Libro: Valencia, 1808-2015 La història continua
Publisher: Balandra Edicions
Volume: 2
First page: 321
Last page: 339
ISSN: 978-84-943874-7-0
Keywords: Turismo urbano, Turismo cultural, Gentrificación, Turismo y productividad, Turismo y desarrollo, Análisis exploratorio, Valencia

Urban tourism is one of the emerging tourism phenomena with the greatest impact and relevance for the European tourism ecosystem. The importance of urban tourism in Europe, apart from its effects strictly related to economic impact, is that as Asworth and Page point out (Ashworth & Page, 2011) “Tourists make intensive use of the many urban facilities and services, but little of the city has been created specifically for tourist use” and the “critical asymmetry” that the tourism sector clearly needs the varied, flexible and accessible tourism products offered by cities: but it is not so clear that cities need tourism… This is why the urban conformation of cities shows an accentuated complacency to the needs of the tourist sector, even though they often imply the privatization of public space, the McDonaldization of historic centers, gentrification or the displacement of other economic activities that are more productive and less predatory of the urban commons.
From the point of view of productive specialization, the tourist sector offers activities with a low productivity of the labor factor, and with occupations that are perceived to be of low and medium quality (waiters, security, cleaning,…).

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