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The Economy of Culture

The Economy of Culture
Download PDFType: Indexed article
Publication: Treballs de comunicació
Publisher: Societat Catalana de Comunicación
Issue: 22
First page: 243
Last page: 256
ISSN: 1131-5687

This article summarizes the contributions from the area of studies referred to as the economy of culture, a sub-discipline of economics recognized by the Journal of Economic Literature, to research on social realities involving culture in the Valencia Country—a subject closely allied with communication. From this standpoint, the present article focuses on research of the mid-1990s coming from a) a strictly academic context, b) sector and territorial project plans in which culture is incorporated in a meaningful way, c) studies derived from an educational context aimed at culture management, d) from conferences or similar events. In conclusion, and granted the contradiction, it must be said that the history of research in the economy of culture in the Valencia Country is very recent, despite the large public investment in cultural infrastructures, and is limited even at present to a small group of researchers mainly from the Universitat de Valencia.

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