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Understanding the Economics of Culture as a way out of the Crisis

Understanding the Economics of Culture as a way out of the Crisis
Download PDFType: Indexed article
Publication: El profesional de la Información
Issue: 4
Volume: 22
First page: 286
Last page: 289
ISSN: 1386-6710
Keywords: Economía de la cultura, Políticas culturales, Derechos culturales.

Advocacy of the need to redefine cultural policies, making them the central axis of actions to overcome the crisis. Although the intrinsic objective of cultural policy is to satisfy the cultural rights of citizens, in many cases these rights are not even fulfilled. It is necessary to propose new cultural policies that pursue these rights but that are also capable of directing the transformation of the productive model and the pursuit of other social objectives. The dimension of the cultural sectors has causal effects on the wealth of European regions. This new policy should recognize intellectual property rights and their associated economic rights in a new way, facilitate cultural entrepreneurship, democratize the use of public facilities and spaces, and seek a deeper understanding of the relationship between the individual and the cultural event.

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