Econcult: Area of Research in Economics of Culture and Tourism

The Econcult team


Pau Rausell Köster

Department of Applied Economics

Gandia (1966). Economist and professor at the Department of Applied Economics. Director of Econcult, the Area of Research in Economics of Culture and Tourism. Teaches cultural management, tourism policy and the economics of culture. He has published books and articles in magazines and newspapers about topics related to communication and culture. He is and has been Main Resesearcher in several projects of European competitive calls of different programs like MED or H2020 (SUSTENUTO, CREATIVEMED, OPENDOORS, DESIGNSCAPES…). Usually involved in national and international seminars, as well as conferences on topics such as creative cities, creative spacees, cultural policies, the relationship between culture, innovation and development, and the economic impact of culture.

Raül Abeledo Sanchis

Economia Aplicada

Applied Economics
Paris (1973). Doctor in Economics and Master of Science in Environmental Strategies & Management. Specialized in local development, sustainability and cultural planning. Author of the thesis “The Agenda 21 as a strategy for local sustainable development: From Environment to Culture”. Doctor senior researcher and coordinator of European and international projects Econcult.

Chuan Li

Interuniversity Institute for Local Development
Chuan Li is doing his PhD in Econcult under the Local Development program of the University of Valencia, specializing in the field of cultural economics. His research focuses on innovation in museums. Before his arrival in Spain, Chuan worked for many years at the Shanghai Art Museum.

Óscar Blanco Sierra

Sociologist doctorate in Social Sciences at the University of Valencia (Spain). Investigates the relationship between music and local development based on conceptual analysis and use of quantitative and qualitative, from economics and sociology methodologies.

Rafael Boix

Dpto. de Estructura Económica

Doctor in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Professor in the Department of Economic Structure of the University of Valencia. He has worked as a teacher and researcher in different Spanish and European universities. As a researcher, he specializes in Regional and Urban Economics, and his research has focused mainly on the networks of cities and urban externalities, industrial districts and the creative industries, subjects on which he has published numerous articles in leading magazines and reference publishers. He has conducted applied research projects for the OECD, the European Union, the Ministry of Industry, the Provincial Government of Barcelona and Barcelona City Council.

Antonio Ramos Murphy


Expert in cultural policies and cultural manager with over two decades of experience in public and private institutions and cultural organizations in the Canaries. Diploma in Cultural Policy and Magister in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona, Diploma in Advanced Studies in Culture Law by UNED-Madrid. Professor at the Course Diploma in Cultural Management Strategies at the University of La Laguna, and at the Canaries Actors School. Internationally, he has participated and managed projects of cultural cooperation for development in Latin America and Africa. He is president of the Canary Islands Association of Professionals in Cultural Management and managing director of Culturalink Consultants Culture and Communication.

Julio Montagut Marqués

Economia Aplicada

Applied Economics
Alfara del Patriarca (1954). Economist and Diploma of Advanced Studies of the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Valencia. Specialist in Heritage Economy and Member of Local History Workshop at Godella.

Maria Sendra Moreno

Maria Sendra Moreno

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Investigadora en Econcult en el proyecto Interreg-MED “CreativeWear”.

Graduada en Economía por la Universidad de Valencia. Máster en Política Económica y Economía Publica de la Universidad de Valencia. Realizó una estancia de un año en la universidad Johannes Kepler (Linz, Austria). Ha realizado prácticas profesionales en la Dirección General de Financiación y Fondos Europeos en la Conselleria de Hacienda de la Generalitat Valenciana.

Guillem Bacete Armengot

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Investigador en Econcult en el proyecto Interreg-MED “CreativeWear”.

Xàtiva (1991). Guillem es diplomado en magisterio por la Universidad de Salamanca tras cursar un año en el IUFM de Poitiers (Francia). Actualmente está finalizando el grado en Turismo en la Universitat de València, compaginándola investigación con el trabajo de fin de grado. Ha participado en dos publicaciones sobre innovación educativa y ética empresarial.

PhD students and project participants

Chema Segovia

Chema Segovia


Degree in architecture at the ETSA in Seville in 2009, Chema lives and works in Valencia since January 2011. He is driving the framework of La Ciudad Construida, an initiative that moves between proposal, research and outreach. Also part of the content team Aula Ciutat (UV-UPV) and currently attends the Masters in ‘City Management’ at the Open University of Catalonia.

Sigrid Yanara Palacios

Instituto de Desarrollo Local

Institute for Local Development
Sigrid was born in Tumaco (Colombia) in 1982 and lived in Cali before moving to Spain. He studied Business Administration at the Universidad del Valle (2010) and then make a Master in Economics and Territorial Development (2012) and a Masters in Gender, Identity and Citizenship (2013) at the University of Cadiz. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Local and Territorial Development at the University of Valencia. As part of this PhD, Sigrid is studying how, derived from the cultural activities of the musical heritage of the black communities from the Colombian Pacific, socioeconomic development processes that could contribute to narrowing the gaps of exclusion are generated.

Blanca Viriadiana Aguirre Tejeda

Blanca Viriadiana Aguirre Tejeda

Mexico (1987). Degree in Communication and Media at the Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN), independent journalist and promoter of cultural projects. Currently a student of the Master in Local Economic Development in the UAN, where she develops the research “The impact of the Cultural Sector in the Economic Development of the City of Tepic, Nayarit”, for which she made a research stay at the University of Valencia with the help of the Econcult team, with whom she continues to work through presentations and joint projects.

Juan Castaño Marín

Juan Castaño Marín

Degree in Sociology from the UNED, Juan has been working with Econcult since 2006 and has participated in several projects carried out by the unit as responsible for logistics. Vocational observer and traveler, curiosity has taken him to several countries on five continents to meet cultural contrasts and different ways of understanding life.

Júlia Sorribes

Valencia (1983). With a degree in Journalism from the University of Valencia and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Journalism from the University of Westminster (London), she joined the Econcult team in 2011 as head of communications for the European project Sostenuto. She currently collaborates with the research unit performing tasks of editing, translation and communication. Her interests include languages, social media, creativity and social innovation.

Amparo Civera-Sáez

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València (1981). Grado en Musicología por el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid y Master en Gestión Cultural por la UV. Premio de Estudios en Gestión Cultural 2011 (Cátedra de Estudios en Gestión Cultural de la Universitat de València – Diputación de València) por el proyecto fin de máster La promoción de la música contemporánea desde la administración pública. Aproximación al análisis de una política cultural en España. Mi interés por la gestión musical y la política cultural local me llevaron a ampliar mis estudios de postgrado en el Universitat Oberta de Catalunya y Manchester University.


Paloma Medina Colomer

2nd year student of the Master in Cultural Management (UV), Paloma (Valencia, 1990) is developing in Econcult a scholarship for postgraduate research initiation at the University of Valencia. Graduate in Audiovisual Communication by the UV, is currently investigating on Music Cities, exploring the relationship between cultural policies and the scene and music industry of a city, focusing on Valencia.

Ying Wang

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Programa de Doctorad en Ciencias Sociales

Ying Wang está realizando su doctorado en Econcult en el programa de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Valencia. Antes de su llegada a España, Ying trabajó durante 11 años en la Universidad de Yunnan (China). Su investigación de maestría se centró en el desarrollo cultural en la zona de minorías étnicas y los festivales tradicionales en el oeste de China.

Taiane Fernandes

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Licenciada en Comunicación con énfasis en periodismo por la Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Brasil, es doctoranda por el Programa Multidisciplinar de Pós-Graduação em Cultura e Sociedade (Pós-Cultura) de la misma universidad. Fue profesora substituta en comunicación y producción cultural en la UFBA (2007/2009). Actuó en la gestión pública de la cultura en el gobierno de Bahia como responsable por la administración del Consejo de Estado de la Cultura (2008/2009), Asesora de transversalidades de la cultura (2011/2012) y Superintendente de Desarrollo Territorial de la Cultura (2012/2014). Forma parte del Centro de Estudos Multidisciplinares em Cultura – CULT como investigadora en formación, donde ha participado en proyectos de investigación en políticas culturales, gestión de la cultura y financiación cultural. Actualmente realiza estancia de investigación en Econcult, desde abril hasta octubre de 2017.

External partners

Ramon Marrades Sempere

Economia Aplicada

Applied Economics

Urban Economist (degree from the University of Valencia and MSc from the University of Utrecht) and social entrepreneur. He currently works with Econcult as a researcher  in the Innova project and as a collaborator in the CreativeMED project. He is a visiting professor at the Master in Management and Tourism Planning, and founding member of the international platform for young planners Urbego, with whom he collaborates as coordinator of the Youth Engagement Index. He received the Young Social Entrepreneurs Award of the European University for the Cien Pies (2013) project. His work, which has taken him to a dozen countries, lies at the intersection between economics and urban planning in the form of research, training, entrepreneurship and consulting.

Francesc Cabañés

Francesc Cabañés

Degree in Geography and History and Master in Management of Local Government Cultural Services. Section Chief of Ethnological and Traditional Culture Research and the Department of Communication and Information of the Valencian Museum of Ethnology. Francesc also teaches about cultural policy and cultural planning and management of museums in various institutions. He has participated as faculty in programs like the Masters in Cultural Management at the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is the author of several publications related to cultural management, including “Approach to the professional status of cultural management in Valencia”. AGCPV – Econcult

Alberto Aznar Traval

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València (1987). Investigador ECONCULT en el proyecto “OpenDoors – MED Regions” sobre economía colaborativa, plataformas digitales e innovación.

Abogado y consultor en plataformas digitales y sus implicaciones sociales y económicas.

Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Salamanca y Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas y de la Administración y Máster en Derecho por la Universitat de València.

Doctorando en plataformas digitales de alojamiento, turismo y vivienda, y ponente en congresos académicos y jornadas empresariales sobre la materia.

Articulista en medios de comunicación y autor de ‘Economía colaborativa, alojamiento y transporte’ (Reuters-Aranzadi, 2017).

Partners from the UV and other universities

Francisco Marco Serrano

Professor (Head of BSc Economics Program) in GSM London (London, UK), Francisco is completing his doctoral thesis on the economic value of culture. He is currently also director of the consultancy Business Research & Applications (Matter of Biz). Francisco began collaborating with Econcult in 1998 and since then has held various roles within the research unit,as a fellow doctoral student, associate professor, external collaborator and, above all, a friend.

Ezequiel Uriel Jiménez

Ezequiel Uriel Jiménez


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Es catedrático de la Universidad de Valencia y profesor investigador del IVIE. Los campos de su especialización son el mercado de trabajo, los sistemas de información estadísticos, las cuentas nacionales, análisis regional y las técnicas de predicción. Ha publicado más de 40 libros, individualmente y en colaboración con otros, sobre métodos estadísticos y econométricos, análisis regional, sistemas de información estadística, turismo y mercado de trabajo. Es autor de numerosos artículos en revistas especializadas tales como Anales de Economía, Cuadernos del ICE, Estadística Española, Investigaciones Económicas, Hacienda Pública Española, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, The European Journal of Finance, Moneda y Crédito, Papeles de Economía Española, Regional Studies, Review of Income and Wealth y Revista de Economía Aplicada. Ha sido profesor invitado en la Harvard School of Business in 1979, visiting fellow en la Universidad de Warwick durante el curso 1988-89 y visiting scholar en la Universidad de Berkeley en el curso 2000-2001.

Josep Sorribes


Valencia (1951). Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia. Specialist in regional and urban economics. Josep has spent many years analyzing and researching the history and situation of Valencia and its metropolitan area, always combining theoretical analysis and experiences elsewhere with the economic, social and political reality of their immediate surroundings. In addition to leading the European Documentation Centre of the University of Valencia (CDE) and the Aula Ciutat, Josep currently involved in the European research projects CreativeMED and 3C4 Incubators.

Carolina Asuaga

Universidad de la República (Montevideo)

Montevideo, Uruguay (1965). Public accountant and Master in Finance and Accounting (UCLM). Graduate specialization in Cultural Tourism. Professor and researcher at the University of the Republic (Uruguay). Her main research deals with Cultural Satellite Account and Management of Cultural Organizations. Author of numerous articles and publications. She has lectured on the subject in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

Leandro Valiati

Departamento de Economia e Relações Internacionais - UFRGS

Departamento de Economia e Relações Internacionais – UFRGS

Economist (UFRGS), Master in Urban Planning with an emphasis on Economics of Culture (Propur-UFRGS), PhD in Development Economics (PPGE-UFRGS). Professor of Economics and International Relations at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Professor, consultant and researcher in cultural economics in national and international institutions, including the UFRGS, Ministry of Culture of Brazil, Facamp, Unesco, FEE-RS Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the University of Valencia – Spain. Organizer and author of the Cultural Economy: economic welfare and cultural evolution, UFRGS editor; Economy of Culture and Film: Notes on empirical Rio Grande do Sul, editorial third name; Creative Industries in Rio Grande do Sul: theoretical overview and empirical evidence, Editorial FEE. Coordinator of the Observatory of Creative Economy UFRGS. GT Coordinator Creative Economy, Culture and Public Policy at CEGOV / UFRGS ( and CNPq Research Group Creative Economy, Culture and Development. Member of CEGOV / UFRGS Scientific Council

Tania Cristina Teixeira

Tania Cristina Teixeira

Universidad Católica de Minas Gerais

Catholic University of Minas Gerais

Degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Minas Gerais in Brazil (1984), MA in Political Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1995), DEA from the University of Valencia and a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Valencia. She is currently a researcher at the core of Labor and Production / PROEX- PUCMINAS and professor at the Catholic University of Minas Gerais. She has experience in economics, with emphasis on the economics of technology and labor, tourism economy and culture and social welfare. Tania develops her research on the following topics: tourism economy and culture, employment, labor, technology and innovation, social economics, comparative economics and international economics.

Diana Pérez Bustamante-Yábar

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.
Associate Professor in Marketing – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Doctor with Summa Cum Laude. Master in Senior Management in the Rey Juan Carlos University. MBA – Marketing ESIC Business and Marketing School. Master in Environmental Law at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Member of the Department of Business Economics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Marketing Area Coordinator Master and Senior Management, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Professor of Cultural Marketing, Cultural and Creative Industries, (both part of cultural policy and cultural management) and Fashion Industry in different Masters.

Universitat de València. School of Economics

Department of Applied Economics

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