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OPENDOORS 9/2016-3/2018

OPENDOORS 9/2016-3/2018


“open DOORS” is a proposal which actualizes the “transnational innovative clusterization” process realized within the MED capitalization experience. In fact this proposal is built on the heritage left by 5 capitalization projects which, as one result of the capitalization process, have produced a number of communities, networks and services dealing with creativeness and innovation as drivers for a smart and sustainable growth. Within the present proposal, a chosen number of scientific and institutional partners promotes the creation of a formal Mediterranean network, based on the existing innovative and creative communities, addressing the new global challenge of the
Sharing Economy.

The proposed Study aims to demonstrate how the Sharing Economy can be a driver of economic (business dimension, integrative incomes etc), territorial (subsidiary principle and new available local commodities i.e. transport, accommodation etc which cover public services’ gaps) and social (civil society direct participation) growth. It also defines the network’s joint strategy and action plan for offering a mix of innovative services to the creative local communities, enabling them to “open the doors” to new forms of collaborative economy. The established “open DOORS network” will be ready, in the next future, to test the innovative services and to develop real and concrete experiences of Sharing Economy.

Sharing and Collaborative economy as a driver for economic, social and territorial growth in the med regions

First methodological-proposal


01/03/2017 Open DOORS connects with REGULATIONS, a reserch group on legal aspects of sharing/collaborative economy.

The sharing and collaborative economy have caused profound changes in most aspects of society, one of the most essential have occurred in the legal and regulatory field. As a research group specialized in this subject, REGULATION is now part of the Open DOORS network in Valencia.

08/02/2017 Open DOORS talk with Direcció General d’Economia, Emprenedoria i Cooperativisme. 

The collaborative economy stakeholders network, as a part of our Open DOORS Med project, is growing. Today we were talking with Vicent Monfort, from Direcció General d’Economia, Emprenedoria i Cooperativisme. Institutions have a key role to play in collaborative economy.


26/01/2017 Open DOORS se reune con Ouishare Valencia.

Dentro del marco del proyecto Europeo Open DOORS, nos hemos reunido con Cata Valencia y Nacho Mas, de Ouishare Valencia, de quienes hemos recibido contribuciones muy fructíferas para la construcción de la red de “stakeholders” de la economía colaborativa en Valencia y hemos abierto varios frentes para futuras colaboraciones en este interesante tópico. Sin duda vamos a vernos muy seguido en un futuro próximo.

23/01/2017 Opendoors Busca “stakeholders” de la economía colaborativa en Valencia.

Nuestro proyecto europeo Opendoors trabaja en la economía colaborativa como herramienta de transformación social. Ayer nos reunimos con los amigos Enric Montesa y Wenceslao Cacereño, la Asociación de Emprendedores e Innovadores Sociales de Valencia para debatir posibles colaboraciones.




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