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València puts the focus on the internationalisation of its cultural assets

Redacción. Valencia Plaza, 22/11/2018

Econcult-UV has congregated the Valencial cultural sector at Convent Carmen for the public presentation of the call for proposals for ‘Chebec‘ to strengthen the internationalisation of Valencial culture.

For Raúl Abeledo, European Projects Coordinator at Econcult and Chief Researcher at Chebec “the high degree of attendee participation has been a good indication of the interest on this subject, specially given the crucial times in which we live, which can be looked at from different angles. Firstly, the increasing globalisation of cultural markets through the digital offer and consumption of cultural products. Secondly, the critical situation of the cultural public funding system in the context of  austerity policies. And thirdly, the growing importance of the role of culture in the intelligent, inclusive and sustainable development of regions.

Artículo: Valencia Plaza 22/11/2019 (in Spanish)

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