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Pau Rausell, guest speaker at the event “A DEBATE ON CULTURAL MANAGEMENT” in Lugo

, 04/02/2019

Faculty of Economics professor at the University of Valencia, and Econcult member, Paul Rausell, has participated as guest speaker at the recent event celebrated at the Faculty of Humanities titled “A debate on cultural management. The event took place in Lugo between the 30th Jan and 1st Feb.

At the event, Pau spoke about the following points:

Pau Rausell en Lugo

Paul Rausell, miembro de Econcult, participando en el encuentro “La gestión cultural a debate” en Lugo.

An indisputable fact in the majority of these degrees is that research undertaken by lecturers tend to centre around what we call Humanities. Therefore, I would like to dive deeper into the following aspects: 

  • Establish the current state of affairs in relation to research into cultural management through the identification of professionals and research groups.
  • Bring light to the lines of investigation currently existing in the area of cultural management.
  • The necessary transition of the faculty body towards research in cultural management, bearing in mind aspects such as the reorientation of the subjects and their tutoring responsibilities in the end-of-grade and end-of-master theses.
  • The funding lines that exist, or should exist, to support research projects in cultural management.
  • Other tools designed to foster further research into cultural management: research awards, a clear recognition of the investigatory activity undertaken during evaluation processes, etc

On the other hand, following this presentation we will host a round table under the title “The challenges posed by end-of-grade theses on the subject of cultural management: research lines and professional opportunities”, in which we encourage your participation. The round table will take place on the 30th January 2019 between 17:45 and 20:00. The objectives for the discussion are:

Given that the novelty represented by this undergraduate course implies also a change in the terms of participation and content, and a re-think of the related research activity, we can assume that said change will also find its way into future end-of-grade theses. Therefore, this round table will debate this fact with respect of the following aspects:

  • The existence of innovative end-of-grade or the continuity of existing, more traditional, lines of investigation.
  • The possible co-existence of a dual research and professional orientation in end-of-grade theses.
  • The convenience of fostering shared tutoring between lecturers and professionals.
  • And, related to the previous point, the composition of evaluating panels by lecturers and professionals.


Please find the full programme for this event following the link below (in Spanish):

La Gestión Cultural a Debate – Programa

Universitat de València. School of Economics

Department of Applied Economics

Office 2P05 (2nd floor)

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