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Funding for co-creating innovative art concepts with scientists from Re-FREAM

Funding for co-creating innovative art concepts with scientists from Re-FREAM

Re-FREAM is looking to attract artists and designers to co-create in innovation projects relating to 3D printing in fashion, electronics, and sustainable use of materials, together with scientists.

In three co-creation spaces, each of the 20 artists will receive 55.000 EUR funding for co-creating innovative art concepts with scientists within a 9-month period. The three hubs are based in Valencia, Linz and Berlin, and will be your co-creation spaces for at least one third of the project duration.

In the hubs, we provide access to different fields of expert technology and co-creation facilitation services, as well as network and knowledge opportunities to accelerate the selected projects from the call and help them grow. An international jury will evaluate the artistic and technical content of your applications, paying close attention to the design, technological and business concepts, and professional background.

Re-FREAM invites you for an ART-TECH exchange before the submission deadline (30th May 2019). Re-Think your concept together with scientists and discover the possibilities of novel technologies in meet ups.

 More information, and to apply, click here.

About Re-FREAM

 The latest manufacturing technologies are currently changing not only fashion itself, but also design and production methods. Technological advances are about to change processes in development, material design, production and several other fields within this industry.

The Mission of Re- FREAM is for artists and designers to co-explore digitally-enabled, small-scale production/manufacturing systems by inviting them to tinker and experiment in an fully geared-up infrastructure and community-supportive environment. We invite serendipity to embrace the unseen and the unthought of, and to explore and pioneer, together.


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