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Econcult, through the Fundación Alternativas, participates in a consortium in a pilot project to measure the cultural and creative sectors in the EU.

Econcult, through the Fundación Alternativas, participates in a consortium in a pilot project to measure the cultural and creative sectors in the EU.

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The European Commission signs Grant Agreement with a consortium for a new Pilot  Project aimed at developing a new framework for measuring the Cultural and Creative  Sectors
An ambitious new Pilot Project titled “​Measuring the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU​”  has  been  launched  ​to  elaborate  a  new  statistical  framework  to  measure  the  Cultural and Creative Sector in the EU. The work, expected to have a long term impact across  the  whole  cultural  and  creative  sectors in Europe, has been entrusted by the DG  Education and Culture of the European Commision to a combination of experts in economic and social research and in cultural and creative industries.
As  the  European  Parliament  has  pointed  repeatedly,  a  number  of  factors  such  as  the  digitalisation of the CC sectors, the arrival of big platforms, the commercial use of user-generated online content, have impacted the structure of the sector, and its information is very loosely captured in the current statistical system. The Project will work closely with institutions as ​Eurostat​, with all ​Member States organizations involved in statistics​, and with other cultural and creative organizations to assess currently available data on culture and creative industries goods and services, and to rethink and propose new ways to fill gaps in the data created by the great technological changes witnessed in the last 20 years.
The  research  and  analytical  work,  with  a  duration  of  two  years,  will  enable  ​a  thorough  review of the current statistical analysis of the economical, cultural and social potential of the CCS in Europe​, and provide an up to date perspective of the sector in the EU.
The Project will be the joint work of expert organizations with strong and proven knowledge and skills to meet its complex and multidisciplinary research goals. The research will be led by  ​Qmetrics  ​(Portugal),  bringing  over  their  decades  of  experience  in  statistics,  data  management and research. This will be combined with the solid expertise in online and digital  economy,  research  and  analysis  provided  by  ​Everis  (Spain),  and  the  respected  capabilities in researching and analysing the economics of culture and the CCS of Fundación Alternativas​ (Spain).
The  team  is  completed  by  ​CUMEDIAE  (Belgium)  and  Associação  Cultural  ​Gerador  (Portugal), who will provide a deep knowledge of the cultural and creative sector, ensure the implementation  of  strategic  communication  and  engage  as  needed  with  stakeholders  in  support of the research activities.

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