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Econcult opens the formative cycle of the Interreg MED Chebec project

Econcult opens the formative cycle of the Interreg MED Chebec project

The formative cycle of the Interreg MED Chebec project officially started last Friday 8th of February. This formative programme is an element of the first phase of the project, for which 14 Valencian cultural and creative organisations have been selected with the aim of improving their competencies in internationalisations processes.

This tranche of organisations first selected for this project represent a variety of backgrounds (scenic arts, audio-visual and music, among others) and come from both, the public and private sectors.

The beneficiary organisations are: Drawfolio, Playground, Ikebanah Artes Escénicas, Associació d’editors del País Valencià, La Cosecha, Escola Lateral, Saltarinas, Ana Illueca, Festival dels Horts de Picanya, Festival Russafa Escènica, Barret Coop, Fundació de la CV del Patrimonio Industrial de Puerto de Sagunto, Documenta Photo and FSMCV.

In last Friday’s session, Pau Rausell, director of the economic research unit Econcult, was tasked with officially inaugurating the formative cycle. During his intervention, Pau Rausell touched on a number of areas relating to the project, including a summary of the mechanisms at play in the cultural economy and European programmes, as well as background information regarding the expertise and range of activities undertaken by the Econcult team. Next, research manager for the Chebec project, Raúl Abeledo, provided further technical details about the project, as well as next steps.

The programme is comprised of 8 sessions (32h) taking place over the next few months, and designed to develop and improve internationalisation competencies:

– 22/02: Key elements and networks of international cultural mobility (Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, Universitat de Barcelona)
– 06/03: Institutional funding streams and European programmes: Presentation by ICEX València, Presentation of the Europa Creativa programme (Augusto Paramio, Ministry of Culture), Presentation about European programmes (Dorothee Fischer, Communication and International Affairs Expert)
– 29/03: Strategic guidance regarding European funding streams (Jean-François Alberghi)
– 12/04: International networks and bursaries for artistic mobility (Ferdinand Richard, Roberto Cimetta Fund / AMI)
– 03/05: Project design and evaluation criteria (Nuno Vaz Silva, Freelance consultant)
– 10/05: Talks about the role of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia (Vicente Mompó, Camber of Commerce of  Valencia) and Communication Strategies (Dorothee Fischer, Communication and International Affairs Expert)
– 17/05: Closure of the formative cycle

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