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CREATIVE WEAR 9/2016-2/2019

CREATIVE WEAR 9/2016-2/2019

CreativeWear revitalizes the crisis-ridden Textile & Clothing (T&C) sector through a new attention to creativity, personalised design, and artisan and small-scale production for territorially specific value chains in customer-driven business models.

CreativeWear extends the on-going H2020 TCBL project (which complements techno-industrial with social innovation to return 5% of capacity to Europe and attain a 20% reduction in environmental impact by 2025) to creative clusters in the MED space, integrating them into the broader TCBL ecosystem.

CreativeWear aims both to recover and valorise the design heritage and tacit “making” knowledge of T&C in Mediterranean cultures (MED-Texmedin) and to bring new energy to creative T&C clusters by reinforcing their creativity-based innovation capacity and integrating their activity into emergent transnational value chains (CreativeMED).
CreativeWear tests adaptation of the TCBL network model (which couples Design, Making, and Place Labs with Business Pilots in innovative value chain scenarios) to existing creative clusters such as museums, creative hubs, fashion schools, design centres, volunteer organisations, etc. Testing in CreativeWear unfolds across months 15-42 of the 48-month H2020-TCBL project, perfectly aligning the development of the complementary approaches. The transferrable CreativeWear model thus allows for greater coherence with ERDF and ESF policy frameworks in different national and regional contexts.

IP (econcult): Raül Abeledo Sanchís


LP1 Municipality of Prato (IT) – Lead Partner & TALIA Contact 


1.Prato Textile Museum Foundation (IT)


2.University of Valencia (ES)

3.AITEX – Textile Research Institute (ES)






6.EURATEX – European Apparel and Textile Confederation (BE)


7.Allium zaposlitveni center (SL)

8.Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (GR)

9.Creative Thinking Development (GR)




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