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CHEBEC: The CCI Clusters and Networks map

CHEBEC: The CCI Clusters and Networks map

The CCI Clusters and Networks map is a tool developed by CIMAC with data supplied by all the partners in the scope of the Chebec project.
The idea was to inquire about the clusters and networks that operate in the 9 regions that participate in the project – Central Alentejo (PT), Andalusia (SP), Valencia (SP), Catalonia (SP), Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FR), Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (FR), Emilia Romagna (IT), Lazio (It) and Bosnia & Herzegovina – in several artistic and cultural areas : performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, design and applied arts, literature books and reading and architecture.
The result from this inquiry is more than a 100 clusters/networks identified on those territories, and from the information retrieved CIMAC has built this map in which you can see the information separated by region, but also use the filtering option to select only entities that operate in a given area or subarea of activity.
This tool can be used by the CCI sector in order to find partnership opportunities and know who to contact in these regions, but also decision makers, programmers and all kind of different professionals that work in the CCI sector and find it useful.
Besides the basic information about the clusters and networks, we tried to summarize some of the services and areas of work of each one of them, we listed the countries/cities/regions where they are represented and we included links to their websites in order to facilitate contacts and learn more about that specific entity.

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