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3c4 Incubators

3c4 Incubators


3C4 Incubators develops actions to strengthen the cultural and creative sector as a factor for territorial development and social and economic innovation.

This project promotes the integration of the positive results generated by a series of initiatives launched by cultural and creative entities and SMEs in the framework of four previous projects, highlighting and drawing on these experiences to contribute to the decision making and policy making processes at the European level.

3C4 Incubators is based on the understanding that reinforcing the competences and innovation capacity of the cultural and creative sector is vital to generate added value and promote growth.

The capitalization processes will focus on the cultural value that territories and local and regional entities can contribute to the development of the cultural and creative sector.

Even though it is clear that creative entities and enterprises must increase their innovation capacity, territories also have to be innovative in terms of social and cultural development, always focusing on people.

The project attempts to promote this approach through the use of  support tools specific to the sector and methodologies that allow the mapping of territories and their opportunities and the establishment guidelines for the formulation of future policies.

Specifically, 3C4 Incubators will strive to:

– Define a model of cultural incubators to support creative SMEs and test it in the framework of the existing structures
– Promote communication and sharing of ideas among incubators, creative entities and SMEs and territories
– Provide technical support to a group of cultural initiatives and SMEs
– Engaging territorial actors in the actions developed by the project to support, test and  promote cultural and creative initiatives
– Connect the goals and results/products of 3C4 with the actions and opportunities of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
– Establish guidelines and formulate proposals to design policies for the EU’s next programming period

PROGRAMME: MED Capitalization

STATUS: FINISHED (2013-2015)


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